Because your business is unique, we offer you bespoke services depending of your needs, please fill up this form to get a quote!

As you know we offer 6 languages for the moment. Each version on Megavina is independent. You can choose all the languages if you want, our translator team will translate each page for you!

One of our catering expert will come to test&taste your main services, he will write an objective review and he will assign a score about your establishment. A real boost for any business, better is the rate, better is your position on Megavina!

Our photographers will take shots of your establishment. When it comes to video production, sometimes businesses believe that making it themselves will end up with a better result than a professional video production company but at the end they lost their marketing target

Do you want to test your own staff? To know who is working right and who is not? Who is a good seller and who is not good enough? We will plan together our mission to fit your needs. Our report will not appear on

Improve your visibility, with the multi pages, it is very easy to appear in the different categories at the same time, for example one page for your restaurant, one for your hotel, one for your spa... Each page is independent and can be translated in different languages. If you have 6 different services and you choose to appear in 6 languages, you will get 36 pages dedicated to your business!

If your establishment offers many services, please list only those you need a specific page (i.e.: hotel Chandon, restaurant Opera, restaurant La Cafet, bar LimeOne, Spa Aquavita, wedding service...)

Did you know that you can improve your visibility with our sponsor program? We will create for you a dedicated marketing program on social network.

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