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Megavina's Investigators have visited this restaurant, they ordered a selection of dishes and beverages, visited the facilities (toilets and had a look on the kitchen area if possible), they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Tasty, friendly, good atmosphere

- by - Establishment visited January 10, 2020

A unique place in Tay Ninh city may be because it's the first French restaurant in town. We discovered this restaurant 2 years ago, here's our new review.

It's important to know that the restaurant is often crowded so a bit noisy, the terrace is large with 10 tables available only!

Many customers seem to order pizzas in advance and just come to pick them up. We stayed about 2 hours and we saw tens of pizza boxes going away.

The best time for a dinner is probably between 4pm to 5.30pm because it's more quite, between 6.30pm to 8pm, it's the rush.

There are about 22 different pizzas, 8 burgers (large one!), pastas and French dishes. Most of the tables had at least one pizza on it. Size S, M or L and even a XL size (18" / +/- 45 cm!).

We selected a pizza size M called "La Supreme" including smoked salmon, seafood, mussels from New Zealand and a scallop from Japan. It was gorgeous! A crispy but soft dough, a savoury sauce, a lot of cheese... We also asked for Pasta Bolognese, the sauce was rich, full of flavors and meaty. Really succulent! Unfortunately, parmesan cheese was not available, the chef offered us Emmental cheese instead, a great offer, the cheese was so good!

Concerning the prices: Pizzas are cheaper than in Ho Chi Minh city, in a meantime it's difficult to compare with Pizza Hutt, Pizza 4P's, Italiani's or Domino's because pizzas are very different, French style is unique in a way. And of course, the rent and staff is probably cheaper in Tay Ninh city than in Ho Chi Minh city. Most of the products used are imported even the tomato sauce imported from Italy!!!

Before leaving we decided to ask a few questions to the Chef, a very kind French man. We asked him why the restaurant opens only at 4pm. His answer was very clear, he needs time to prepare the sauces, the dough, the cakes. Most of the dishes are homemade even the breaded chicken (MEN1) made with a fresh breast of chicken, marinated and breaded.

We thought that pizzas were the most famous dish at La Dem Bistro but in reality it represents just 55% of the sales. The best sales are the burgers, the bolognese pasta, the French croissant, the striploin steak and the meat platter.

More or less 80% of Vietnamese customers, 20% of foreigners (US, Australian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French...)

60% Eat In - 30% Take Away - 10% Delivery

Close to the schools, at 600m from Vinecom, ACB Bank

An easy way to find his way - The Map

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  • Comment by
    嘉 伟

    在西寧省生活的这几年,我一直认为La Dem Bistro比萨非常棒。如果有人问我:“是La Dem Bistro 还是Espy(餐厅在胡志明市)的比萨好?”抱歉,我不能给你一个绝对的答案让你满意。我会这么说:这两种比萨的风格很不同。我自己是看心情决定哪个更好的。比萨只要好吃,用爱做出来的,不管什么类型,我都爱吃。我从来不会那厚比萨和薄比萨作比较!这如同拿橙子和葡萄相比一样奇怪。为什么非要比较呢?

    我会说La Dem Bistro的比萨是很棒的!外皮又热又脆,中间部分柔软有嚼劲!

    如果你爱吃木火烤出来的烤饼, 你就能想象La Dem Bistro的比萨外皮是什么样的了!

  • Comment by
    Nguyen Le
    Ho chi minh,

    An amazing tiny place, the chef is French and so friendly. I love the pizzas so delicious!

  • Comment by
    Lâm Lê
    Ho chi minh,

    What a lovely restaurant, very small but so friendly, food is gorgeous!!! Pizzas are delicious and the cheese so cheezy :) A unique place in Tay NInh city, that's for sure!