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Megavina's Investigators have visited this vegetarian restaurant, they ordered a selection of dishes and beverages, visited the facilities (toilets and had a look on the kitchen area if possible), they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Interesting flavors even for non vegetarians

- by - Establishment visited May 25, 2015

The restaurant is mostly inspired by Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, it features only vegetarian dishes (salads, soups, main courses) from 45,000đ to 180,000đ per servings.

On a hot and humid Monday night, after sipping on an icy and grassy martini, we started with a herbal veggie soup (gingko, bamboo root, dried red dates in herb mixture), the taste was unusual but quite good. At the same time, we had fresh spring rolls (absolutely delicious with crunchy carrots and courgettes!).

Then arrived Lotus tuber (veg crisps!) with a cheese flavor, it was quite easy to eat, we liked it!

The highlight of our meal was "Steamed mushroom in coconut", we were worrying a bit concerning the lingzhi mushroom that we knew under the name "reishi mushroom" which is very bit for sensitive palate. The waitress told us that Lingzhi mushrooms were fused with lemon leaves juice, mixed with other kind of mushrooms and coconut so the taste was more sweet than bit. She was absolutely right, besides the presentation in a coconut fruit was original and the sweet but elaborated taste of the dish was very savory and lightly spicy.

We finished with a fresh serving of half pineapple stuffed with fried rice and topped with cashew nuts...

It was an incredible meal, we don't get used to visit vegetarian restaurants because we are not vegetarians but Hum restaurant was a good surprise. An experience to repeat in the future...

The Importance of Business Transparency

Transparency is assurance, honesty and describes high-quality services provided by Megavina that's why we will add the copy of invoices or photos for each online professional review as a proof of our visits. The full Catering and Hospitality report is only available for the third person / the franchisor / the supplier / the factory or the travel agency who purchased this investigation, if you are the owner of a visited establishment, please contact us to get an access to a dedicated dashboard.

Hum Vegetarian Food
Hum Vegetarian vegetarian cuisine
Hum Vegetarian salad
Hum Vegetarian lovely decoration
Hum Vegetarian restaurant
Hum Vegetarian entrance

Hum vegetarian and Cafe restaurant is closed to Independence Palace but also War Remnants Museum. Just a few minutes away from Au Lac hotel or Victory hotel.

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