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Megavina's Investigators have visited this restaurant, they ordered a selection of dishes and beverages, visited the facilities (toilets and had a look on the kitchen area if possible), they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Improvment, better food, perfect service

- by - Establishment visited April 15, 2016

Previously visited in february 2015, at this time we were quite unhappy about the poor attitudes towards work and clients among staff are exacerbated by inadequate supervision management.

We booked a table at 7pm by phone, when we arrived our table was ready, the welcoming was warm, polite and with a large smile.

What happened to Shri?

In february 2015, the weak point of Shri was undoubtedly the lack of staff training, they had difficulties to manage just a few tables, not well organized. It was probably missing an efficient restaurant manager to help them to focus on what was really important, "The client". The cuisine was at this time quite good, prepared by the chef Vinh Ton That. A year later, we couldn't recognize the establishment. The staff was kind and professional, the atmosphere was very warm and colorful and the view was still amazing.

Concerning the food:

The menu seemed much more attractive than one year ago. Fines de Claire oysters, canadian scallops, Hoisin-ginger glazed imported magret of duck, pan seared foie gras, tiger prawns salad nicoise, thai beef salad, Crispy skin Norwegian salmon with lotus seed, Roast tiger prawns with Ricard reduction, Soy-Mirin braised pork belly with miso glaze, Tournedos of New Zealand Angus tenderloin...

A new chef from Spain was working in the kitchen, he probably helped to improve the quality of the service. As starter, we selected Seared Canadian scallops with Daylily purée, toasted herb crumb, pickled cucumber and sliced radish. It was absolutely gorgeous, scallops were perfectly cook, tender and savory.

We continued with a Thai beef salad with chilli, cucumber, bean shoots and herbs.

As main course, we chose a Crispy skin Norwegian salmon with lotus seeds and a buttery mixed bean, green tomato & olive salad and a New Zealand Angus tenderloin with honey carrot, spinach, braised Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms and red wine jus. Nicely presented, the salmon was perfectly cooked and the meat very tender and juicy.

The service was quick and efficient. We were very happy with our meals. We had a lovely table seated outside where we could enjoy the rooftop views.

Shri restaurant is at less than 2 km from Benh Tanh market and just 2 minutes walk from the French Embassy.

In the same street, you will find the Silk lamp shop specialized in home furnishings but also the Thanh Nien restaurant that we had recently visited and offering gorgeous buffet.

We suggest you to include a stint at Annam Gourmet Market (Hai Ba Trung Street perpendicular to Nguyen Thi Minh Street Khai) where you can find many imported goods including French products.

An easy way to find his way - The Map

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    Stephen Kraus

    Thanks for your food critics, it helps my wife and I to choose this restaurant yesterday for our dinner. I checked on Tripadvisor (famous but we get only customer reviews) and other websites such as foody (not very pro) or foursquare (not very useful).
    To read a good advice from your consultant was really important to us because we hesitated between Shri and Hoang Yen restaurant.
    As you said the view is very nice, there's a good atmosphere in the lounge and food is good but i was expecting a bit better in fact concerning the staff attitude. I noticed arrogance and a lack of experience, the waitress even served my wife from the left side using her right hand??? I also didn't appreciate so much "Are you ok guys?". We could accept that sentence in a bistro or small restaurant but not in a popular place.