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Megavina's Investigators have visited this coffee bar/smoothie in Tay Ninh, they ordered a selection of dishes, they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Quiet and nicely decorated

- by - Eatery visited June 10, 2016

Fresco Yogurt is a kind of coffee bar perfect to organize a party with children. Nicely decorated,you can choose different beverages and snacks. The main attraction is yogurt ice cream that we can compare to Italian ice cream.

The concept is: you select your yogurt flavors then you choose any toppings you want, then the weight will set your prices. 24.000vnd per 100 grams. For example for 2 cups including a lot of toppings, we paid 75.600vnd.

We selected mint flavor yogurt, quite tasty not too sweet. To quench our thirst, we ordered a Kiwi smoothie and an Italian strawberry soda. We forgot to ask without addition of sugar for the smoothie.

We finally chose a selection of snacks such as french fries, meat / prawn / fish balls.

The Importance of Business Transparency

Our invoiceTransparency is assurance, honesty and describes high-quality services provided by Megavina that's why from March 15, 2016, Megavina will add the copy of invoices or receipt as a proof of our visits.

<<< Click to enlarge the receipt by clicking on the photo opposite.

Fresco Yogurt is located on the main road to go to Cao Dai Temple, it's close to Dien May store, Phúc Thiên Khang restaurant and at just a few minutes away from Eden Cafe.

An easy way to find his way - The Map

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