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Megavina's Investigators have visited this modern store in Tay Ninh, they asked for advice, they looked for quality products to purchase, they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Quality, modern, classic

- by - Shop visited May 19, 2016

Tay Ninh is a city that is growing very well, many tendance shops opened such as Vascara selling quality women bags, shoes and accessories, but also beautiful and modern coffee bars such as Le Petit Café or Eden Café. Fashion becomes significant, men and women want to be prettier, they want to wear nice clothes and accessories.

But women are not only the target, businessmen are also very important. Mattana brand offers a large choice of quality men shirts, trousers, suits, underwear, t-shirts and accessories. We decided to investigate this shop on the main road Cách Mạng Tháng Tám.

Welcoming was a bit distant, may be because we arrived at 1pm, (it must be the time for nap!). We checked around to find any clothes. Choice was quite limited because most of the items were men's slim size clothing (made for vietnamese bodies). We were expecting may be more new fashion and tendance shirts like in Owen shop, particularly shirts with collar in another color or fabric with shiny reflection. Shirts presented were quite classic for working men not really to go out for a party.

Concerning the prices, we can say the value for money was good because the quality is au rendez-vous. Around 500.000vnd of short sleeves shirt, 615.000vnd for long sleeves shirt, 600.000vnd for a pair of trousers, 5.000.000vnd for a suit.

To be able to compare with other brands such as Owen, Vietten or An Phuoc we purchased one shirt and pants. The shirt is very comfortable made with a quality fabric, for the trousers, the staff took my measure so the trousers really fit on my body.

If the staff didn't speak english, he finally did a good job by advising and sewing. When we left, he opened the door and said goodbye.

The Importance of Business Transparency

Our invoiceTransparency is assurance, honesty and describes high-quality services provided by Megavina that's why from March 15, 2016, Megavina will add the copy of invoices or receipt as a proof of our visits.

<<< Click to enlarge the receipt by clicking on the photo opposite.

Very close from the Tay Ninh Post Office, Mattana store is at just a few minutes riding from the supermarket Coopmart.

An easy way to find his way - The Map

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