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Nice concept, unexpected park in Vietnam

- by - Theme Park visited March, 2015

If you've ever been to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Disneyland in Paris, Dreamworld in Australia or my favorite one Alton Towers in Uk, you know first-hand how magical a day at the theme park can be.

Vietnam is a country with a lot of imagination and creativity, they built an incredible castle/amusement park with an entertainment zone featuring 21,000 square metres and perched on Ba Na Chua Mountain at meters above sea level.

We started with the cable car journeys, it was enjoyable however if the haze or fog sets in you won't see much. You will pass over some dense jungle and some tiny waterfalls on the way to the top. Ticket cost was 550,000d ($25) and if you wished to use the extra service of the funicular ride to another garden, you will have to pay 70,000d ($3).
Everything has been thought to let the tourists spend money but does it worth it?
As a tourist living in America, Uk or any other countries, the first impression is usually the good one. We just don't expect that kind of park in Vietnam, a cultural and traditional country, deeply respectful of religion. It's nice, yes! It's original, yes! It's vietnamese, ? not sure... Are we impressed, no!
There is currently a lot of building work going on at the top where the mock French Castle and village are. Number of restaurants and snacks but really the choice is very very limited. No informations concerning the food just the price! I presume that for vietnamese people, it's ok but they didn't think of foreigner tourists!
The castle in itself is beautiful, we don't understand why there's an alpine coaster killing the view and the magic! Even if the most enjoyable part of the day was scooting down the alpine coaster.
With one kid, we ended up in the amusement arcade section and ended up eating some western food which surprisingly was quite good. 3 levels of games, some of them are not very modern. Many cinemas but cleanliness is so so... Funicular, Jadin d'amour (love garden), wax showroom (old puppet not realistic), cable car... wow, i feel tired just presenting it.
If you don't like kitsch type attractions then stay away, if you have kids they can be kept busy in the arcade and if you want wind through your hair then try the alpine coaster! 

From A La Carte Da Nang beach, Fusion Maia Resort or Orange hotel, it takes at least 1 hour by car to reach Ba Na Hills Resort but only 45 minutes to reach Ba Na Hills, starting point of Cable car.


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