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    Li Weng

    What a funny and epic movie! I really enjoy that kind of film mixing scifi and humor. My favorite character is probably Rocket. I usually don't like so much galaxy/fantastic/creature movie but that one is very good... I watched it at Megastar in Vincom tower, Ba Trieu Street in Hanoi.

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    Stephen Kraus

    Definitely the funniest marvel movie I've seen so far, though very different than what they've been doing. The tone is very unique, bouncing effortlessly back and forth between comedy and genuine drama with an array of action scenes in a wide variety of set pieces.
    I recommend this movie to anyone who really wants to have fun!!!

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    Jaimy Franck

    Difficile de ne pas laissé un avis après ce film. Donner une note est compliquée tellement j'en ai pris plein les yeux. De l'humour, de l'action, on vit le film de l'intérieur et on rigole par certaines scènes. Rien vu de tel depuis la guerre des étoiles.

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    Hiro Tosaka

    Just amazing, this movie has wit, energy and zaniness to spare. A lot of action that will pop your corn. It was so funny between Galaxy quest and Star wars... It's really a movie to watch in a theater...