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  • Bình luận của
    Lea Wildford

    That's a very good idea, you've got Leo. When i have to go back my own town, i can't take my sweety boy "Hushy" with me. I know that my nurse loves animals but she is vietnamese and doesn't have the same feeling with pets than us.
    I will be pleased to use your service next time i will back to Perth.
    Are U still living in Pham Ngu Lao?

    Answer from Leo Vincent: Hello Lea, No I don't live on Pham Ngu Lao anymore, I live in District 2. I will be please to help you and take care of your pet anytime. My phone number is 09 07 34 82 14. Thanks a lot.

  • Bình luận của
    Helen Brequet

    Très jolie page Léo, je suis contente de voir que tu arrives petit à petit à t'en sortir même si je sais que ca ne doit pas être évident chaque jour. Je vois que tu portes le tee-shirt de la VAC, très sympa !
    Je ne pense pas pouvoir venir cet été comme prévu pour problèmes de circulation sanguine mais j'espère pouvoir le faire très vite et venir visiter ta chatterie.... A bientôt

  • Bình luận của
    Nguyet Pham
    Ninh Thạnh,

    It's a pleasure to see you there my dear Leo. Thank you for your work helping animals, so many cats saved since you started to work on HCM and so many will be rescued in the future with your help... xxx