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Where to meet? We can pick up from centrally located hotels in Hue city

Recommended: Please dress to a modest standard with shoulders and knees covered. Children under 12 are not permitted on this tour.

An easy way to find his way - The Map

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    Krystal Owen
    St Kilda,

    Hue is a beautiful city but after 2 days you visited almost everything. Many pagodas and monuments are destroyed, it's very sad. Local people are very charming comparing to Saigon. They don't try to cheat you all the time. Vietnam was a good adventure but obviously i won't come back in the future, most of the places are very dirty, lottery ticket sellers are really pain the ass and globally vietnamese are less nice than in the past. Money money money! they don't think anything else... I am quite disappointed, 2017 i will visit Cambodia definitely