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Megavina's Investigators have visited this place to eat in Tay Ninh, they ordered a selection of dishes, they checked the cleanliness and how the staff interacted with clients. Our investigators work anonymously, the best way to get real and objective reviews because the staff and the managers don't know that we are investigating.

Relaxing place, good food, superb view

- by - Eatery visited May 22, 2016

Hoàng Tuấn is a "Quán ăn", that we can translate by eatery but it offers better services that a majority of places to eat in Tay Ninh city. We could even classify it as a restaurant because the main atmosphere is quite nice and welcoming, the food made with fresh products. It's true that from the road, the establishment doesn't attract so much because you have to come in the front gate by the car park then follow a small path to access a beautiful area with a fish ponds and terraces on pillars. It's difficult to imagine such a place from the road!

Welcoming was polite, we were invited to get down to the place to eat, we could see on our way the kitchen, toilets and aquariums with different fishes, turtles and frogs.

The menu was only available in Vietnamese, it offered a large choice of dishes, we selected grilled beef (Bò nướng) marinated in Satay sauce, meat was tender and tasty. We continued with grilled squids (Mực nướng), soft, perfectly cooked and slightly spicy. What better way of building up an appetite than two savory dishes!

As main course, we chose steamed shrimps cooked in coconut milk and a sweet and sour salad. Shrimps were delicious, the salad named "Gỏi tiến vua" is a traditional Vietnamese medley, they used pork meat but it contained a lot of fat (Vietnamese people love it!), prawns, carrots and green vegetables called "rau tiến vua".

To finish, we selected a seafood hotpot (Lẩu hải sản) composed of prawns, calamari, salmon fish belly and fish balls, it was served with rice noodles (bún) and vegetables. The broth was a bit spicy but acceptable even for fine palates!.

A nice meal, food was tasty, in a relaxing place surrounded by plants and vegetation, the staff didn't speak English but seemed to care of our table. In a meantime, at 3 hours from Saigon, we couldn't be surprised to meet someone able to speak English! This is not surprising as staff had not begun to deal with foreign customers, Tourism has not yet reached Tay Ninh city. Just a few tourists come each week to visit Cao Dai temple and they go back directly to Ho Chi Minh city...

Hoang Tuan

The Importance of Business Transparency

Our invoiceTransparency is assurance, honesty and describes high-quality services provided by Megavina that's why from March 15, 2016, Megavina will add the copy of invoices or receipt as a proof of our visits.

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Quán ăn Hoàng Tuấn is close to Hiệp Long pagoda, (recently renewed), at just a few minutes away from Le Petit café and Sundaes Coffee House, at less than 5 minutes riding/driving from Coopmart supermarket. The Cao Dai Temple is at less than 10 minutes riding.

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