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Arriving in Datanla, there is a big car park so you can imagine that it won't be a 100% natural site but more like a tourist attraction.
20.000vnd to enter the facilities, a 150-seat restaurant, a roller coaster station, in fact we couldn't expect so many services in the middle of the forest.

The roller coaster system seems to attract many tourists, just 2 minutes without any effort to access the waterfalls, that's quite exciting, isn't it?

In 1998, Datanla waterfall was recognized as a Cultural historical heritage.
Datanla waterfall turned into a very popular tourist attraction...the nature is all around you, for sure, but if you are a purist, you won't enjoy so much the site.
Now, we have to focus on the good idea to add a roller coaster system because we really think it's a great idea!
Why? walking a few hundred of meters of steep tracks, it's not easy and very tiring for most of the people (young and old). The roller coaster is fun for all ages.

Trekkers should also like the jumping site and the trek through the rainforest, Get your guide is organizing a day tour for just 41USD/pax including picnic lunch and insurance for adventurous people.

It's very easy to find Datanla site, it's on the main road to Dalat, at just 5 kilometres from the city center. You may also like to visit Thien Vien Truc Lam at just a few minutes away. A beautiful and spiritual buddhist complex.

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